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How Can You Save HUNDREDS On Your Monthly Mortgage?

Ascot is proud to offer a variety of incentives and buydown programs on a select number of our houses. Lower your monthly mortgage rate, receive money towards closing costs, or other incentives such as blinds, a fridge, or a fence! 


Want to save money on your mortgage every month?    Look into our selection of homes included in one of our buydown programs!

A 2/1 buydown lowers the interest rate 2% below the Note rate for the first year, then 1% on the second year. This initial lower monthly payment helps ease you into your normal mortgage payment.

Examples of how you save with a 2/1 buydown.

Year Rate Est. Monthly Payment Est. Monthly Savings Est. Annual Savings
1 5.5 $2,271 $526 $6,308
2 6.5 $2,528 $269 $3,223
3-30 7.5 $2,798 $0 $0
Based on the example of a $400,000 30-year loan with a standard interest rate of 7.5%. Homeowner would need to pay 5.5% interest the first year, 6.5% the second year, and 7.5% from years 3-30.

Contact Ascot or your realtor today for more information and start looking forward to those special savings!