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Deciding on What to Build & Where

We explore where a home will best suit you. Location, space, schools, stores, commute, friends, family.
Next we explore what home design will best suit your needs. Family size and age, home size and layout, and of course budget.

Building or Buying a Home

Establish a budget and get prequalified. This is a good time to do your homework and establish a relationship with your lender of choice. Planning will help you make decisions when needed and ensure you have the support of your financial institution.

Selecting a Location
Decide on a community and on a house plan that meets your lifestyle’s objectives and stays within your budget.

Research Ready to Go Inventory
Look into existing inventory of the plan and location you have selected. Best way to stay within budget and on your move-in schedule. If your dream home is not available contact an Ascot representative to learn about homes that may be starting construction, or how to get the home you want.

Select a Floor Plan & Elevation
If you plan to have a home built for you, contact an Ascot representative to help with a your choices and selections and a home purchase contract.

process image
process image

Finalize a Purchase Agreement
Get the deal written up and forward copies to your lender and closing attorney. No More Changes Allowed.

Pre-Drywall Orientation
Your home has been built, Now is your opportunity to walk through your framed home before sheetrock is applied to make sure everything has been done just as promised.

Final Inspections and Occupancy Permits
Inspectors ensure the house has been built to appropriate standards and various zoning ordinances have been met.

Homeowner Walkthrough & Orientation
We walk through your new home with you to make sure it has been properly finished and to explain how everything works.

Settlement & Closing
Time to sign the final documents, close on your loan and obtain your keys. Congratulations!

Custom Built Homes

While Ascot has grown, it will always be a custom home builder at heart. True to our roots we are happy to work on custom home projects. These can either be based on plans we own, our plans with some modification, or plans our customers bring in.

Budgets & Financing
While construction is our passion, the numbers need to get sorted out up front to ensure we are delivering on what our clients want and will fit their budgets.

Plans & Specifications
We decide on the house plans and any modifications if required as well as how the home will be finished. Cost estimates are prepared and reconciled with budgets.

With plans, finishes and financing decided upon its time to get contractual documents signed.

process image
process image

Construction begins. Once the home is framed and roughed in, clients are asked to walk through the project and approve it before sheetrock is hung. At this point changes are relatively inexpensive. Once sheetrock has begun changes can get pricey and result in unwelcome delays.

Final Inspections
Home is finished and clients walk through the finished product with us for a final list of items that may need attention. Once the items on this list are completed Homeowners sign their Home Acceptance forms.

Bank formalities are met and the home changes hands.

Homeowners occupy their new home.